Using Agate and Crystals to help you Sleep

Using Crystals to help you sleep

If you find that you are not sleeping, try putting four agate tumblestones ~ one at each corner of the room with a single terminated point facing inwards towards the room in front of each tumblestone. Place a small agate slice or agate cut base geode at the side of your bed or elsewhere in your room facing towards you. If you are not sleeping due to the menopause, try putting a fire agate under your pillow or a set of our Menopause Crystals.

Agate is thought to bring about calm and wellbeing as well as being felt to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a stone that is thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to its calming influence and can help relax you before going to bed at night and is thus thought to help you establish a good sleeping pattern. It is felt to be a good general overall crystal for use in crystal therapy and would be useful when placed on the sacral chakra where the reproductive system is situated.



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