How to care for your Tarot Cards

There are many myths around how you should care for your tarot cards, where you should keep them and in what. Some people say you should wrap them in silk or keep them is something that is naturally made such as a wooden trinket box like this one. This has the added bonus of having a protective pentagram on the outside. There is also enough room inside for a Tarot Deck and some crystals which is what I keep with mine.  This one is available from

Wherever you decide to keep your cards whether in a box, wrapped in silk, in a keepsake bag or just in the box they came in, you do need to look after them as they could become the tools of your trade.

If you have always wanted to read the Tarot but are not sure how too, or just need some guidance as to how to put a reading together so you can earn some extra money from it. Take a look at our Tarot Courses and Tarot Spreads Courses for those who already know the cards. I teach both these workshops twice a year, but if our dates do not suit you or you prefer to be taught as a one to one session. Please get in touch with us via the main Spirit Walker Crystals Website. 


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