Using Crystals in your Garden

I am not a gardener and am going to be honest in that I am like the Angel of Death to many plants. Probably because I am so busy I forget to water them. But these are a few tips that I have found have helped me.
Place six tree agate around your garden or allotment to encourage growth. Dot natural chunks of Rose Quartz around so that your garden feels loved. Use Black tourmaline to protect new plants and promote new growth. Use Ocean Jasper to keep them nourished. Use cats eye to keep the cats off your flower beds. Use Aventurine when you have plants that need nurturing back to health Use Moonstone so that your plants can absorb extra energy from the moon over night. Aquamarine can also be put into the water of cut flowers to keep them looking fresh longer. to keep them nourished that bit longer. Tumblestone can also be placed around the base of indoor pot plants. By burying them in the soil it not only cleans your stones energetically but also infuses your plants with the stones energy.
You can find all our tumblestones at

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