Using Crystals with Animals

We have two Cocker Spaniels one of whom is a happy little chappie, the other whom is also happy but is very nervous. I always had a chunk of Rose Quartz by my front door, but it kept disappearing and I kept finding it in the dogs basket. We moved house and the same thing kept happening. They were normally left for a few hours a day whilst I was at work. Although it was only a few hours as I would normally pop home lunch time to let them out and play with them, they were obviously stressing and feeling abandoned. The Rose Quartz was making them feel loved whilst I was away. They still have a chunk of Rose Quartz in their basket.

I also put Amethyst, Aventurine and Blue Lace Agate in their drinking water and allowed it to soak over night before giving it too them the following day. This calmed them down, nurtured them and made them feel protected whilst I was out at work. The Black Tourmaline that I also kept by my front door also kept being taken to their area of the house which again made them feel safe.

The one that was nervous began to feel safe at home and settled very well. However when we took her out she remained very nervous. I had a Healing by Design Bracelet made for her and wrapped it around her collar. There were crystals such as Goldstone to allow her to achieve her goal of going outside with confidence, Orange Calcite to give her confidence, Poppy Jasper for Optimism and Inner Strength, Amazonite to dispel negative thought patterns about not being able to go outside, Rose Quartz for her to feel loved, Amethyst and Turquoise so that she felt protected whilst out and about.

We now take her to Agility Classes and although she is still a bit nervous about leaving the house initially, she almost drags me into the agility class and last night was a little star and shone as the best in the class. I was so proud of her.

Using crystals for animals is easy, you just have to think of their problems as you would an adult or a child and provide them with the same crystals, you may just need to think up alternative ways in which to use them. An example would be to put the crystal in a tumblie cage and then attach it too their collar or wrap a bracelet around their collar.

You can find all about your crystals at


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