How to get motivated

I love to swim early in the morning, but also need to swim for my health as it keeps my joints mobile and of course it is good for my weight loss goal. However it only took one small slip in the kitchen when I ended up doing the splits, as one foot went forward on a small bit of water and down I went onto the floor, to give me the excuse I needed not to go for a few days. A few days turned into two to three weeks and then I found it really hard to get motivated to start again. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe not in a swimming scenario, but applied to another aspect of your life, then this post may help you get motivated as well.

The first thing I did was think about what I needed to achieve before I could go for my morning swim so that I would not have any excuses about why I could not go. I get up at 5am most mornings, I know some of you may think I am a slightly bonkers but its my favourite time of the day. I believe you are either a morning person or a night person and I am most certainly not a night person and love to be snuggled up in bed by 10pm if at all possible. Anyway, I have diversified there, I get up at 5am and either do my accounts or my blog post with a newsletter to all our customers. Once these are done by 6.30am I am starting to get ready to go to work so that I can be out of the house by 7.10am. This allows me a swim before work which starts again at 9am. At least that is my plan most mornings, but I can easily get distracted like most of us I would guess by looking at facebook or talking on skype to one of my friends who is also an early riser. If I do get distracted, then I don’t get my newsletter and accounts done by 6.30am and so it then becomes to late to go swimming, and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

So to get back my motivation back I put some Blue Apatite under my pillow to go to sleep. I needed to ensure I stayed focused and mindful of what I needed to do the next morning, so I put some Apophyllite on my desk which is really good for keeping our minds on the job. I also needed to be completely organised so that I could feed and play with my two little dogs, load the dishwasher and get my bag organised before I left at 7.10am so I put a Labradorite Bracelet on my desk so that I could put it on immediately I sat at my desk. Labradorite is really good at keeping you organised. I swim before I have breakfast and so popped a small piece of carnelian in my pocket to keep my energy levels up whilst getting to the pool.

It all worked like clockwork and I arrived at the pool at 7.35am to find only one person who was just getting out. I had the pool to myself for a whole 10 mins before two other people arrived. Absolute bliss.

When I swim, it not only allows me to keep my body mobile, but also allows me some ‘me time’ so that I can think clearly. I mull through ideas or do a bit of cosmic ordering. I frequently meditate whilst swimming and find myself alongside mermaids and dolphins and visiting underwater worlds such as Atlantis, but that is for another post at another time.


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