Feeling Gratitude – It’s the little things that can make us laugh

I was driving home from my morning swim in my new (12 year old) mini convertible that I had cosmically ordered from the universe. Of course when I was placing my order, I omitted to state that I wanted a new one. No matter how often I teach cosmic ordering and preach to my students about being specific in your orders, I still manage to get it wrong from time to time.

The suspension is much harder than my previous Audi (which I traded in as a deposit for my motor home – another cosmic order) and as I went over the natural bumps in the road I got those tickles in your tummy. It made me smile as I had not felt them for a very long time. The suspension is so good in the more up to date cars that I no longer felt the uneven surface of some roads. The tickles in my tummy reminded me of my childhood when my parents used to take me out for a drive in the car of an evening. I would love to go on this one particular road which we called the bumps due to the waving of the road surface. My father who loved to hear me laugh would increase his speed, just enough so that I could experience the tickles in my tummy and get me giggling. Every natural bump I went over on the way to work that tickled my tummy got me laughing. By the time I got to work at Spirit Walker Crystals I was high on life.

The more bumps I went over, the more grateful of my little mini I became. Of course if I had looked at this in another way, that I had failed in my order of a new mini, I would not have experienced the tickles again, not remembered my childhood and thus brought out the child within again and could have been absolutely miserable and feeling sorry for myself. Instead I had an amazing drive to work, laughed, raised my spiritual vibrations at the same time by laughing and also learnt a valuable lesson. BE SPECIFIC in my cosmic orders.

Whilst we are on the subject of cars, I thought I would share with you which crystals I keep in her (my car is named Polly). I have a little Swarovski Elements guardian angel to look after me and throw rainbows into my car when the sun shines and an amethyst keyring which keeps me safe whilst driving.


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