Weight Watchers: Lost my way a bit last week

I feel like I lost my way a bit last week with my Weight Watcher Diet. I didn’t track everything that I should have and guestermized a lot of my meals. But our leader thinks that once we have been doing it for a while, it imprints into our self conscious and we start making healthier choices.

I had to agree as we went last Sunday morning looking for bits for our new motorhome (well, new to us anyway) which is arriving in a few weeks. I am so excited about that, but that is not for this blog post. The point is we were out longer than anticipated and so stopped in our local garden center for a quick coffee. It was midday and so I was a bit hungry. Normally I would have had a big bit of cake like my hubby did, but no. I was prepared for such an eventuality and had a little box of those mini gingerbread men, and so had three of them with two cups of tea. I felt just as satisfied and having consumed many many less points than my hubby felt quite pleased with myself.  I was wearing a Red Tiger Eye bracelet and had a few Blue Apatite tumble stones inside my water bottle that I was sipping throughout the day. Blue Apatite is a great stone to have with you when trying to lose a bit of weight as it encourages a good attitude towards healthy eating. The Red Tiger Eye bracelet helps me to keep up my enthusiasm, it speeds up metabolism and reduces cravings for food.

All in all, although I thought I had lost my way a bit, and with the help of a few crystals named above, I lost another 1lb making it 6 1/2 in total. That’s almost half a stone so it has given me the incentive to get back on track this coming week.


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