Runi’s Story

This is one amazing story of someone who came to us at Spirit Walker Crystals as a client in 2010 when she was suffering from Fibromyalgia. She was in a lot of pain at the time and was hoping the Reiki and energy healing would help. Runi was so taken with it’s success that she went on to train in Reiki and is now a Reiki Master Teacher. She lives part of the time in the UK and the other part in Kenya where she is now teaching Reiki.

Runi has done most of our workshops at Spirit Walker Crystals so I have got to know her extremely well over the past 6 years. Runi has undergone a soul retrieval a few months ago with amazing effects. As part of the soul retrieval, I told her that she had lost a fragment of her soul when she was just a child when her mother gave her away to someone else, or at least that is what I deemed from my guides. She was unsure of this part as she could not remember it.

A month or so ago she went to visit family in Canada and her sister introduced her to an old man of 91. The first thing he said to her was “oh you are the one that got lost.” They had been travelling on a lorry from one area to another and her mum asked the man to hold onto Runi whilst she went to find something. He handed her down off the lorry, but Runi went off to look at something, and got lost. She was taken in by someone who kept her for the day whilst they looked for her family. They were at last reunited. It has been one amazing journey for both of us.

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