Removing Negative Energy From Your Aura

No matter how spiritual we are, we can from time to time absorb or gather negative energy from events that have had an effect on us emotionally or physically. We can also absorb the negativity of others or absorb the negativity from an environment that has negative energy lurking.

About once a month it is a good idea to give your aura a good cleanse. To do this, take a flat selenite wand and run it smoothly over your aura from top to bottom, holding the wand sideways at an angle. A bit like you would smooth the icing down on a cake with a pallet knife. You can also use a smooth rounded or spiral wand if you do not have a flat one. Imagine that you have a small bucket at your feet and wipe the negative energy off into the bucket. Again using your imagination, visualize the bucket transforming the negative energy into positive. Ask your angels or spirit guides to then take the positive energy and the bucket away.

Then spray some Aura Protection Mist into the air in front of you and walk through the mist. The mist will come to rest within your aura and protect it for the rest of the day. Use the spray daily to ensure your aura is protected at all times.



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