It’s OK to be different

My first day on the Advanced Mediumship Course. Although I have been doing one to one medium readings for quite some years now, I have never really wanted to do platform work. Today I met some amazing mediums, everyone was very friendly and supportive of each other and I got to work with some very gifted mediums. Many of them already did platform work at churches, village halls and anywhere that would have them really. I felt quite in awe of them and wondered how I would fair.

As the tutor gave her introductory speech and showed us the housekeeping of fire exits etc. As she did this, I got distracted when I saw an old man walk up the stairs of the platform with a stick. He showed me quite a bit about himself and I knew that at some point during the day I would be connecting with him some more and that he was going to be the spirit I would be connecting with on stage.

The tutor Lynn was brilliant and invited someone to take the stage. Someone got up and blew us away with the information that she pulled through. I knew that at some time today I would be standing up there for the very first time as a platform medium. We were told that throughout the weekend the tutor hoped to get the majority of us up there. Somehow I just knew one of those would be me, but I was trying to make my aura smaller so I would not be picked on as I wanted to watch everyone else first. Bad mistake! I knew that the way everyone else was working was different to me. They were a lot more structured and a lot more serious. My guides have a sense of humour and frequently make me laugh, and I like the way they work with me.

Throughout the day other mediums took to the platform in pairs to work in teams and we did lots of advanced exercises such as having two spirits at the same time for two different people and learning to feel the different energies of both and being able to switch between the two.

At the end of the day, our tutor said we had time for one last demonstration. I knew it was my turn but began shrinking in my seat. The girl next to me whom I had made friends with was looking directly at me. The tutor turned and picked me out, there was no getting away from it now. My fear was not that I wouldn’t be able to get the message, but more about knowing who it was for.

I began to relay the tale about knowing I would be getting up. I spoke about the gentleman who had been around most of the day, waiting patiently to get his message across. I am used to doing readings as a one to one and just babbling on. The tutor stopped me and asked me whom I thought the reading was for, which part of the room was I drawn too. I found the area of the room the energies were going to and someone could take the gentleman. I spoke a bit more about him and gave her his message. The tutor asked me what I would now do if I needed to give another message, to which I replied that I would just open another door and bring someone else through.

The tutor felt that although this worked for me, that less experienced mediums should probably not try it as it would take a lot of energy to hold that person for that length of time. She told me I had a very unique way of working. I mentioned that sometimes a spirit will make themselves known to me a few days before the client books a reading and this is what I am used to doing. I was obviously very different in my approach and brought humour into the demonstration and did walk about quite a bit whereas the other mediums had stood quite still. I felt relaxed with it and really enjoyed both connecting with spirit and being on the stage. I was told I was a natural and should do it more, which is a good thing as this year is the year that I get this under my belt.

I am so pleased that I took the plunge. I am also pleased that I did not try to be like everyone else and just got up there and was ‘ME’ and felt I lived what I teach in my day to day life – that its OK to be different.

If you want to know more about being a medium or train with us, take a look at our mediumship workshop

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