Avoiding conflict ‘V’ Addressing the Problem

If you are someone who wishes to avoid conflict at all costs, then wear some Amazonite on your wrist or keep a small piece in your pocket.

I don’t think anyone really likes conflict, at least I know I don’t. However, read on as to why you should not try to avoid conflict.

Unfortunately, conflict is a normal part of any social setting, the answers lie more in how you deal with it.

There are always going to be times when we need to face conflict, but try to do it in a positive way, especially if you are a team leader or work in a leadership role. There may also be times when you need to address a conflict of interest with your boss or a member of your family. When you do have to manage conflict, then don’t fear it, but embrace the role. Try to see it in a different light, rather than seeing it as a conflict with a colleague or loved one, see it as a means to a resolution.

If you shy away from the conflict out of fear, then you could end up in a self destruct mode. What was originally a small issue then becomes a monumental problem. When an issue is concealed, ignored or avoided. it is likely  to fester within the person, only to grow into resentment, withdrawal and unhappiness.

If you do have to address a conflict with anyone then have the following crystals with you or place them in the room.

  • Hematite – To keep you grounded and to allow you to have confidence in yourself
  • Blue Lace Agate or Aqua Aura – To allow you to voice your opinions both openly and calmly
  • White Howlite – to give you patience
  • Amazonite – to allow you to see the issue from both directions
  • Orange Calcite – To allow for a solution to the issue
  • Unakite – To remove the anger out of the situation

If you are Reiki Trained and you are up to Level Two, then Reiki the situation before you address it. If you want to know more about Reiki Courses and Workshops, you can find more information at www.spiritwalkercrystlshop.co.uk





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