How to remove anger from the aura

Anger is a toxic emotion that can linger in the aura leaving a negative residue which if left for any length of time could lead to a physical ailment.

To remove anger and send it packing – place one piece of blue kyanite on the brow chakra and one blue kyanite on the heart chakra. Surround the blue kyanite on the heart chakra with four rose quartz at each corner point with four double terminated points in between. The double terminated points will take the anger away and replace this toxic emotion with love.

Lay in quiet space and place the crystals as mentioned, or see diagram below. Leave in place for about 15 to 20 minutes. To maintain the release, wear blue kyanite throughout the day.

If you are Reiki trained, send Reiki to the past to heal the situation that brought on the anger in the first place.

If you are interested in spirit activity,  look in the top middle of the screen where the corner of the room is you will see some small orbs playing. More come in as I continue to talk with a larger one appearing briefly on the other side of the bed where my drum is situated. We do have some spirit children that play in my therapy room, you may also notice a wet patch on the floor which we have yet to explain as there was no water spilt and no leakage that we are aware of. This patch was not there in the morning and nobody had entered the room apart from myself.

If you want to know more about crystals, Reiki , where to purchase crystals or where to train in Reiki , visit us at

Removing Anger

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