Crystals that are good for Travel

I am so excited. Today is the day we pick up our new Motorhome, it is not brand new but it is a first for us! This is my latest successful cosmic order. If you want to know more about Cosmic Ordering, our next workshop is Wednesday 15th February 2017. Most of us travel every day to a point, even if it is only back and fro to work in our cars, trains or buses. Carrying crystals can help keep you safe.

  • Place a natural amethyst point keyring on your car keys to keep you safe whilst driving.
  • If backpacking or travelling abroad, have something turquoise with you for safekeeping.
  • If one partner is going away whilst the other stays at home, have a pair of Herkimar diamonds and carry one each.
  • Place a small swarovski angel in your car, if you hang it over the mirror at the front it will sent the light of the angels throughout your car.
  • Keep merlinite with you if you travel by train or bus and set your intent that the time keeping of the journey will be just perfect. If you travel by car but suffer with car sickness, keep some amazonite on you.


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