Creating your own Good Luck

Good luck can be as simple as a state of mind. Our thoughts of today are what we live in all our tomorrows. Yesterday we brought home our first Motorhome so that we can use it to holiday both in this country and abroad. Some people may think I am a tad bonkers to want to do this when I could be very comfortable in a posh hotel, and some of you may think I am very lucky to have this, and they would be right. I am very lucky and do feel totally blessed.

If you think about all the people around you and think of those that have all the luck in the world and those who always say “I am so unlucky – I never win anything” etc etc etc…… If you are the latter of the two, then you need to be firstly changing your mindset to consider yourself one of the lucky people in life, for the people who think and feel lucky are the ones that you see as being lucky.

To help you bring about good luck, carry or wear the following crystals with you.

MIDNIGHT LEMURIAN JADE x 1: General Good Luck and Protection

NEW JADE x 2: General Good Luck

RAINBOW MOONSTONE x 1: Brings Good Luck, Grants Wishes

TIGER EYE x 2: Attract Positivity, Removes Doubt and Negativity

BLUE LACE AGATE x1: Attract Happiness into your life

CITRINE x 1: Attract Financial Abundance

MERLINITE: x 1: See, Believe and Live the Magic of Good Luck

SUNSTONE x 1: Good Luck with Health

GOLDSTONE x 1: Helps you Achieve your Goals

AVENTURINE x 1: Attract Financial Abundance and General Good Luck

You can also purchase these in a set which we put together especially for those who need to create their own good luck from

This was another successful cosmic order. One thing about cosmic ordering is that you have to recognize when your orders arrive. If you know in your heart that you are really good at getting what you want, then you too can begin successfully cosmic ordering what you want in life. Sit down right now, make a list of what it is you would like to have that you don’t have now. Put the list up on a wall where you can look at it every day. Or make a pin board and put it up in your office or home space where you can glance at it as you are passing. Mine is on the wall in front of me, so that as I glance over the top of my computer I can see it, acting as a reminder as to what is next on my list

We were a bit early picking it up yesterday and were asked if we wanted to go and sit in it and wait for the man to come and show us all the bits and pieces on it. I decided to Reiki the MH to both cleanse it and give it a good energy. By the time the salesman came to show us around, Gordie (my husband) was so relaxed, he was almost asleep in the lovely Reiki energy. If you want to know more about Reiki and possibly doing a workshop yourself, you can find all the information you need at

We drove down to the MH dealer to pick it up in my little mini and so as Gordie drove it home, I drove behind admiring it, but also watching with amazement as I saw so many spirit people inside. I could not see quite clearly who they were as it was a bit in the distance but there was a large american indian looking person with feathers whom I presume to be a guide peering out the back at me, he was so tall he had to bend over, as well as about four or five others. I wondered if it was my spirit family as I know they would have loved it. I often feel people in the back of my car when I am driving so it would not be that unusual for me us to have them in our MH. If you would like to develop your own psychic vision and clairvoyance, take a look at our Psychic Development Workshop at

Life is such a fun adventure!


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