We are Back! Find out why we were filming at Spirit Walker Crystals

We are back! We are giving you a 10% voucher today as a thank you for your continued support and your patience.
Last week we were closed due to filming and the plan was that George would work from home answering emails and putting new products up on the web, whilst the phones were diverted to myself whilst on holiday. But like all good plans, they don’t always go according to what we expect. The reason for this was that our shop was being converted into a pet shop so that it could be used in an episode of  Midsomer Murders. I was on holiday in the Scottish Highlands and there was very little phone reception and even less internet connection. Therefore everyone that phoned us last week was diverted to my mobile with no reception. At 4am yesterday morning after returning home earliar on Sunday evening, I got lots of pings on my mobile as all your phone messages arrived.
When I arrived at work yesterday morning at 6.30am it was still looking and smelling like a pet shop (no animals) but lots of hay etc. It took the team until 4.30pm yesterday to put our shop back to some kind of normality. I must apologize to those customers who must have missed our notices about the closure and tried to visit us yesterday only to find the shop in a complete muddle as the team worked tirelessly to put us back to normality.
All those orders placed last week have now been processed and should leave us today. As a thank you for your patience we have added a 10% discount code below. The episode of Midsomer Murders will be shown on our TVs next February.


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