Time to connect to your angels and give thanks

In times of trouble or when we want something we all try to connect to something to ask for help. Many of us ask our angels or look for signs of them being around us. Here is a layout to connect to your angels, not to ask for anything in particular but just to say thanks for always being there. The more we recognize that our angels are around us and give thanks the more connected we will become and therefore will find it easier to connect in times of real need.
If you have some Angelic Love Mist or some Angel Whispers, spray this into the room before you start. Burn some angelic incense then lay on the bed or on the floor. Place an Opalite crystal to your left at the side of your ear, place a celestite crystal above your head and an angelite crystal to your right at the side of your ear. Below your feet place place a small apophylllite cluster.  On your heart chakra place three rose quartz stones. If you have an angel carving cup in within your two hands and hold over your heart chakra. Ask that your angels join you at this time and then give thanks to them for all that they do for you. You can then ask them for any messages that they may have for you. Take note of whatever comes into your mind or your heart.

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