How to boost your early morning energy levels

With the mornings gettings darker and the days getting chillier we can all benefit from a boost of energy.  Instead of your morning coffee or tucking into some sugary snacks you can put a Carnelian tumblestone into your water bottle and let it infuse as you drink throughout the day. I do this every morning and it always keeps me energised throughout the day especially at this time of year when getting up early in the mornings gets less appealing!

You can also wear some Carnelian jewellery, carry a tumblestone, thumbstone or pocket angel with you and hold it when you need a boost.  You can meditate with it or at work you could have a larger piece on your desk to fill you with energy throughout the day.

You could also have an extra boost by spraying Energising Mist into the air and walking through it.  You can do this as many times as you need throughout the day.


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