Seasons of Life

With the days getting shorter and the night time drawing in more and more, it got me feeling a bit drawn into myself of late. I found myself internalizing things that happened during the day at work, or whilst shopping or just out and about for a picnic in the park, weather permitting. This is a great time to take stock and re-establish what and where you are in life. Finding out what is working and also identify those bits that might no longer be working for you or serving your higher self anymore. I am sure there are many of you who can identify with this, however I do seem to feel it more when the seasons move from one to the other.

There is nothing wrong with taking stock on an internal level every now and again as it allows us to grow spiritually and mentally. The trick is to not get stuck and dwell on those bits that you found and end up dwelling on them where you might get lost in feeling sorry for yourself or unworthy or just unloved. To help us not get stuck and allow us to let go of those things that does not serve us anymore and also build on the ones that does, I grab some crystals to help me work through it all.

Tree Agate is an amazing stone that allows you to keep yourself grounded while you move forward with making changes. I keep a tumble stone in my pocket during the day and some times when I have had a difficult day, I will put the stone under my pillow when I go to bed. Like the roots of a tree that creates a vast network to anchor and also feed the tree, just so the Tree Agate helps one stay focused and grounded and allow all the things that are good for the body and soul to become aligned with the body.

Crystals such as Carnelian, to help give you an energy boost, Sunstone will help with keeping you positive while you are making all these changes in honoring your higher and true self. Smokey Quartz helps to release the negative and transmute it into something positive the universe can use again. Rose Quartz will allow you to love not just yourself but also see those around you with more compassion.

If you feel that you are lacking in Personal Power, you might want to look into a Shamanic Soul Retrieval, information available on the website.



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