When you start to feel under the weather

I had my two lovely grandchildren to stay over the weekend which was lovely, however by the end of Sunday evening I was ready to give them back. That is the wonderful thing about being a grandparent, is that you get to spend quality time with them and then you also get to give them back to their parents. The main reason I was glad to give them back was I was beginning to feel under the weather. I felt my glands starting to swell and my throat became sore and then the dreaded heady feeling of a cold crept up on me. By 8pm I was feeling proper sorry for myself. I am sure many of you can recognize these symptoms of a head cold or virus that was starting.

My first thought was to take some cold and flu capsules to get it under control and then I turned my attention to my crystals. I had a bottle of water which I added two blue lace agate and one amber. The blue lace agate would cool my throat and the amber would act as an antibiotic. On my wrist I put an Amethyst power bead bracelet accompanied by one of a similar style bracelets in blue lace agate. I then added two chipped bracelets in lapis lazuli and kunzite. The Amethyst was to clear my head, the blue lace agate again would sooth my sore throat, the lapis lazuli would clear my sinus’ and the kunzite would make me feel loved as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I followed this up with a self Reiki session to boost the healing process. I then sprayed some crystal cleansing mist into the room to cleanse the room of germs and any negative energy lurking around.


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