The Road To Recovery – Crystal Layout for Pneumonia – In the arms of the angels

So I have been out of hospital now for about 3 days and the road to recovery seems slow. I had been in hospital without my crystals and I so missed them. However even when I got home, I was not really interested. I did try to put on an Aqua Aura pendant thinking it would open my throat, but I could not stand it around my neck so hung it on my bed post to the right of me.

Yesterday evening, Gordon has gone to agility training with Bengie, our black cocker spaniel and left me at home with Megan, our other brown cocker who is too nervous to go to agility class. As the house was quiet and I was feeling a bit better in myself, I though it was time to start my own self healing regime.


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I prepared the room by burning some white sage as incense and as pure white sage, but I overdid the smoke and it caused me to cough, so the pure white sage was put in the open fire place so that the smoke could go up the chimney. I rooted around the house to see what crystals I had to play with. My intent was to set our a layout on the dining room table as if I was putting it on my self. I was then going to activate the layout and do some Reiki Drumming to first remove any negative residue and infuse my lungs with Reiki. Whilst doing this, I did a shamanic journey to begin to heal he past.

The Crystal Layout

The crystals I used were a large smokey quartz sphere placed central to take away the pain of the pneumonia. The pain had been made worse by the coughing and I wanted to get a good nights sleep. On the top of this I placed a black kyanite to gather up the negative residue and send it out away from my body. Awaiting to catch and transmute the negative energy was a clear quartz cluster of three points. The one laid in between the two standing upright and I felt this was me in the arms of the Angels. On either side of the black kyanite I placed two rough rose quartz to help heal my lungs.

Below the sphere I placed a selection of Amber to help fight the infection, Ametrine and Raspberry Quartz with Infinite to active all the other crystals. Placed over the area of the pneumonia was some green kyanite and a clear Quartz point to direct the infection out of my body. Below these are a red jasper and clear Quartz, both which help aid recovery from any kind of illness. Lastly I had a large Kunzite to again help heal the pneumonia.

I activated the layout with a Quartz wand and then sat down to do some drumming. I have a new drum with a spider and a web on it. In my mind the spider would go in and gather all the negative residue and spin it into a ball and bring it out with him. Eventually it will eat it and turn it into positive energy again. The spider actually put a silver sparkly web over my lungs to protect them during the healing process.


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Setting up a sacred space

I set up my sacred space whilst drumming and journeyed to my ancestors in the lower world to begin healing the past. For me setting up a sacred space sets my intent on what I am going to do and also informs my guides that I am about to work. You can make it as simple or complicated as you wish, but I just called my guides in through my mind whilst shamanic drumming.

The Journey

I journeyed to the lower world of the ancestors where I met up with my mum and dad and my mother was more vocal then my dad. She told me that it was ok. She had lessons to learn and that it would have been her choice to stay with my dad and that in her mind he had made the right choice in wanting her to live at any costs. She also apologised to me for what I had gone through at that time and then I felt humbled as what I had gone through was nothing in comparison to my mother.

My father then came and put his arm around me and told me that the other issue I felt might be to blame was just a blip and to let it go. It was not important and it was just that I was a sensitive soul and took everything to heart. He told me that it was not my time yet and to now focus on how precious life is.

I was aware of my guides gathering around me doing something with smoke and some kind of sticks which I didn’t really understand, but felt was an old way of healing.

All too soon it was time to return to the real world. I thanked my guides and agreed to drum again tomorrow, I said my goodbyes to my parents and felt at peace.

There is a picture of the layout below.

One comment

  1. Hi Gaye,
    so sorry to read about your illness sometimes we are stopped for a reason.Thank you for sharing your journey such a beautiful one,do hope you willfeel better soon will send out Healing for you
    Thank you for my reading truly amazing will let you know when I have news.
    Love and blessings
    Mary .


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