Accepting our Healing Gifts

We all have the ability to heal both ourselves and others. There are many types of healing modalities out there and all are probably as good as each other in different ways.

Am I a Healer?

I have often asked myself if I am a Reiki Healer, A Witch, A Shaman, A Crystal Therapist, A Hypnotherapist, An Energy Worker, An Angelic Healer, A Light Worker, A Spiritual Healer. Of course I am all of these things and more which when blended together makes me. Each of us is unique in what we can offer others. I don’t like labels or putting things into boxes and so I just think of myself as someone who can manipulate energy to re-align it, allowing the body to begin healing itself.

Spirit often teaches us more than we ever realise. At one time I went to do a Spiritual Practitioner Training to learn to be psychic. What I learnt was that I was of course already psychic like most of us. The biggest thing I learnt on that course was that Spirit had been teaching me things for years and I just needed my boxes ticked. This is true for many students that come to work alongside me.

Earth Angels

One day, some years ago now. I was teaching a young man of 14. The very first time I met him, I knew he was special. It was when Spirit Walker was just a one floor shop. I was by the desk looking down into the shop and saw him kneeling on the floor looking at the CDs. I could not believe what I was seeing. He had the most massive angel wings which were folded back behind him. They were whitish cream with thick feathers. His aura shon around him like a glow of golden light.

I stood there watching him in awe wondering if her knew just what he was. He strolled casually up to the desk and said “hi” and his next sentence astounded me when he said “I am an earth angel you know”. I told him that I could see that and he asked me how I knew. I told him I had noticed him sitting down in the shop and saw his wings. He asked me to describe them to him which I did. He agreed that he had wrapped them in behind him.


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Reiki Level One

He came to study Reiki Level One with me. It was a one to one session and so we had nobody for him to practice on. I felt quite humbled to be teaching this earth angel healing and wondered what on earth I could teach him that he would not already know. The universe presented us with a client for him to practice on. A lovely lady who I knew quite well turned up out of the blue in a bit of a state having just lost her sister a few weeks previously. I asked her if she would like to be the student’s client today and have a free Reiki so that she would get an free healing and he could have the experience of a real client to practice his new found skills on. She agreed readily.

The Aura Scan

I normally teach Aura Scanning to a certain degree at Reiki Level One and take this to the next level in subsequent courses such as the Energy Workshop. I watched closely as the young lad scanned this clients aura and could see the grief within the heart chakra that had began making its way up to the level of the throat. During his scan he stopped at the throat and I knew he had found the negative energy blockage which was keeping the grief in. I watched and wondered what he would do as I had not taught him to do anything other than to feel where the outer level of the aura was.

He left the throat and continued down the body until he reached the feet. He then went back to the throat and hesitated, looking at me for support.

Psychic Surgery

I asked him if he knew what to do. He said he did and I watched very carefully as he opened up the aura at the level of the throat, he put his hands in and removed the negative blockage, filled it up with Reiki then sutured the aura back up. He was obviously very skilled at this and I asked him if he knew what he was doing. Sometimes we do things when we are guided by spirit and have no understanding as to what we are doing. He answered me with  “yes of course, I am now suturing up the aura”.

His Teachers

I asked him where he had learnt to do this or whom had taught him. He answered simply that it was his teachers. So I asked who his teachers were. “My Angels” was his reply.

My Teachers

Much of my own work has been directly from spirit. For years I did shamanic work and never realised what it was. It was not until I spent some time being mentored by a Shaman that I realised this. I had of course given things my own name, which we both laughed about. It was another case of ticking boxes for me, but we all need to do that from time to time.

Over the years I have found that Spirit would teach me a new skill and then send me clients whom I could use these skills on. You will never be sent a client with an issue that spirit does not think you can deal with.

Accepting our gifts

Many people come to me for reading and I can see that they are born lightworkers that have just not accepted their own gift as yet. It is not for me to pressurise them into walking the path they are not ready to walk yet. When they are ready, they will either come back to me or find someone else who they resonate with.


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Reiki – A good starting point

When people ask me where do I start. I always think that Reiki gives a good grounding to work on. From here you can blend any other modality that you wish. It is not only a way of healing but a way of life and a journey of enlightenment. It often kick starts your psychic awareness as well which although is not essential, does help you to see your guides and thus work more closely with them.


There are many of us lightworkers down on the planet at the moment and our job is to pass on the knowledge we gain and are given to others coming up behind us so they can then pass it on to others. It’s about sharing the flame. If you light one candle with another the first candle does not burn any less but with lots of candles lit, the light can win over some of the dark energies we can experience here on the earth plane.

Sharing The Flame.


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