Using Crystals to Treat Mouth Ulcers and Infections

Mouth Ulcers

Moulth ulcers although sore are not life threatening and often clear up themselves within a few weeks.  They can however, be a sign that you are run down or are feeling stressed in some way. Mouth ulcers can make it uncomfortable to eat and drink. Sip cool drinks and eat softer foods during this time.

Crystals Good For Mouth Ulcers

The crystals that are felt to be good for mouth ulcers are Blue Lace Agate, Aqua Aura, Sodalite and Blue Topaz.

How to use the crystals to treat Mouth Ulcers

Blue Lace Agate And Sodalite are a great choice for Mouth Ulcers. Create a crystal water by soaking the crystals in water for 6 to 12 hours overnight then drink the water throughout the day. Have a drinking bottle and place the two crystals inside the bottle to get you going whilst you are brewing the second bottle. You could also meditate with a Blue Lace Agate on your throat and place one Sodalite either side of your neck and lay in this simple crystal layout for 10 – 15 minutes three to four times a day.


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Crystals to Boost your Immune System

As mouth ulcers can occur when you are run down, think about what crystals we can use to help boost our Immune System. Crystals such as Aqua Aura and Aquamarine are two great examples. You could wear some Aqua Aura around your neck and wear a chipped bracelet of Aquamarine.

Crystals for Stress

When mouth ulcers are due to stress, wear some Lapis Lazuli. You could wear it as a pendant or bracelet. Alternatively if you prefer not to wear any jewellery, carry one or two stones in a small keepsake pouch.


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