Using A Crystal Layout to Promote Positivity

State of Mind

Positivity is a State of Mind. Much of what we do, how we act depends on our state of mind. When you have been ill, or under the weather, how you act or your state of mind can have a huge impact on your ability to self heal and make a full recovery to a well balanced state of health This may not even be a physical illness and may just be a low mood that created negativity around us. Of course we need to listen to our bodies but we also need to act in a positive manner. For example, if we slouch around in our PJs for too long, think about what we are telling ourselves.

So take a good long look at yourself, shower, dress, put on your makeup and jewellery. It does not matter if nobody is going to see you, or you are not going anywhere. Just make an effort, look at yourself and tell yourself how good you look.

Crystals to help with Positivity.

Sunstone | Goldstone. | Tiger Eye  | Citrine  |  Carnelian

Above is a list of crystals used in this layout.


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The Crystal Layout for Positivity

Place a sunstone over your sacral chakra. Alternate Tiger Eye, Citrine and Goldstone up either legs and place one carnelian under the sole of each feet. You may use up to four or five Tiger Eye, Citrine and Goldstone on either leg. Once your crystals are laid out on your, breath in the energy of the earth, feel it coming up through the soles of your feet and passing from stone to stone until the energy coming up from both legs combines at the level of you sacral chakra and where the sunstone is positioned.

Follow this layout up by wearing a Sunstone and Tiger Eye Chipped Bracelet.

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