Spiritual Awakening in the Early Hours.

Being awoken at the early hours

Many of us wake up in the early hours of the morning for no apparent reason. This normally happens between 2am and 4am in the morning. This is when the veil is the thinnest and we are closest to the spirit world. It’s a time when most of us has had some sleep and our mind is most clear of clutter, thus making easy access for our spirit helpers to communicate with us. If you are reading this, then you are probably undergoing a spiritual awakening right now.

Power Animal Visitation or Family Pet

My husband has been complaining of waking up at about 3am this past few mornings and just cannot get back to sleep. Last night he was awoken by something hitting our bedroom window. This was followed by what felt like a dog or what he thought was a dog paw his toe. His toe was outside the blanket. He thought it was one of our two cockers who were asleep on the bed with us, but they were nowhere close to his toe. He then woke me up telling me to get Megan, who is one of our cockers off the bedside table. She was by my feet. I then got up to go to the loo. When I returned he said he felt our two dogs get back up on the bed plus a third heavier dog.

He wondered it if was our old dog Max who passed to spirit last year. He said he saw the dog fly off the bed and then disappear over by the window. At first I agreed with him thinking it was our Maxie. But  I still have the question as to why he would be stood on top of our bedside able. The other possibility is that my husband is undergoing a spiritual awakening and was seeing one of either his or my power animals. As I have not been well of late, it would make perfect sense to me that they would be close.



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Available Options

Of course we all have choices when it comes to our own spiritual development. We can choose to ignore it or accept it. We do also have a physical life to live and having spirit wake us up in the early hours when we have work the next day can be tiresome.

The sooner that we accept our Spiritual Awakening, the sooner it becomes part of our day to day life. Thus we can then get back to having a full nights sleep. In the mean time, we can ask them to stop waking us up in the early hours and agree to work with them during the day as in meditation or some other kind of spiritual development.

If we are not working the next day and wish to work with spirit at this time, you can try one of a few things.

  1. Meditation to connect with spirit
  2. Writing down what you see or feel at the time
  3. Keep some crystals under your pillow, then hold them when you want to connect with spirit such as Dumortierite or Lapis Lazuli

If you are working the next day and need to get back to sleep

  1. Ask spirit to leave you alone and explain that you need to have your rest at this time.
  2. Try some self healing for example a self Reiki to help yourself relax and get back to sleep
  3. Keep some crystals under your pillow to help you have an undisturbed sleep such as Black Tourmaline and White Howlite

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Spiritual Awakening – Psychic Development

To avoid being awoken in the first place, you should simply accept that your spiritual awakening is happening. Find a local group to join or look for a psychic development workshop that you feel resonates with you. Learning how to control your skills and gifts is one of our biggest challenges that many of us face. We often get students who are much more advanced with their spiritual development that they give themselves credit for, come to us for courses. Many of them simply need the confidence in themselves and then to be able to control it. By switching it on and off at will. This allows us to live a normal healthy physical life as well as raising our spiritual game.

European grey wolf


One comment

  1. Enjoyed reading this, especially as my problem is having very vivid clear dreams, so much so I wake up with headache. I also have gone through the waking up after a couple of hours sleep and feeling very clear headed. In fact I need only have dozed off for a very short time, wake up and this is when I seem to receive answers to problems etc.


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