Believing in yourself

Before others can believe in you

There are many situation where you need people to believe in you. Examples of this would be:

  1. Going for a Job Interview
  2. Looking for Promotion at work
  3. Team Leader Role
  4. Giving a speech
  5. Teaching others – either children or adults
  6. New business venture
  7. Giving a presentation

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Self Belief

The list could be endless. It all comes down to one thing. Self Belief. Before you can expect others to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself. This comes easily for some people, for others, you will have to work at it.

Crystals to help with self belief

Crystals can play a big part in helping you believe in yourself. Aragonite is one of my favourites for this.   There are many types of aragonite on the market. Some that I love include the Aragonite Sputnik which shows off the natural growth of aragonite. Another rather special stone is Septarian which is brown and yellow. The yellow is the Aragonite part which brings in the warmth of this sun directly into your solar plexus where we store our self belief.

Keep some Aragonite or Septarian on your desk and touch it frequently, especially when you are lacking in self belief and need a little boost.

Aragonite helps with Self Belief
Aragonite helps with Self Belief

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