Where the land meets the Sea

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing has been around for centuries. It is not entirely clear as to when crystals were first used in healing. Crystals vibrate due to the space between the atoms and molecules within them. The amount of space between the atoms and molecules depicts how rapid or slow something vibrates. There is less space between the atoms and molecules within a crystal than a human being which makes the crystals vibrate on a much lower level. These vibrations can be felt by many as a tingling sensation when the crystal is held within your hands.

Crystal Healing involves placing the crystals on or around the body allowing the crystal vibrations to resonate with the body’s own vibrations. Laying the stones in or around the body will help to re-align and balance the body’s vibrations, thus allowing it to self heal.

Crystals are gifts to us from the land or earth.

Sea Shell Healing

Sea shells like crystals vibrate and have their own healing energy. They can be used as a stand alone healing or can be combined with the crystals to enhance the healing layouts. The shape of the shells can have a dramatic effect on how your crystal layouts work. Over the coming days we will look at different ways in which you can use the various shell shapes within your crystal layouts to enhance your crystal healing.

Shells are gifts to us from the Sea.


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Metaphysical Properties of Shell

Shell is great for recalling memory and also helps you to memorise things. It brings old issues to the surface slowly. Shells are also protective and gentle in their approach to healing and can soften the blow of some of the stronger crystals. Shells can also absorb negative energy then disperse it as positive into the atmosphere. So it acts as a recycling machine. It also promotes bonding with others, enhances our psychic awareness and promotes change where necessary.

Knobbly Starfish and Crystal Layouts

There are many ways in which you can use the Knobbly Starfish within Crystal Layouts. One of them is to bring up old issues that buried deep within us. The shell will soften the blow and allow the healing to happen on a much more gentle level. This will reduce the risk of a healing crisis.

Place the Starfish over the heart chakra. At the centre of the starfish place an aventurine tumblestone. At the tip of every tentacle place one Rose Quartz  tumblestone.

Set your intent that any issues will be brought to the surface through the Starfish. The Aventurine will stop the issue just erupting like a volcano and direct the energy out through the tentacles towards the Rose Quartz. As the energy is dispersed through the tentacles of the Starfish so the issue is diluted and dispersed gently and with love.


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By changing the Crystals but keeping the starfish, you can get a very different effect.

For example, if you had been hurt in love in the past. You may feel that you need to protect your heart chakra for a time, to enable it to heal. To do this use a black tourmaline as the central crystal on the starfish. Add Rhodochrosite to the Rose Quartz. This will keep your heart protected and yet allow for self love and the attraction of your soul mate.

We have a new range of shells at Spirit Walker Crystals to allow you to blend your crystals with the sea.

Knobbly Starfish
Knobbly Starfish

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