Shamanic Drums – Shamanic Drum Healing

We have just had some amazing hand painted, hand made Red Deerskin Shamanic Drums in stock at Spirit Walker Crystals. Which is your favourite.?


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Spiderweb Drum

Allow the spider to cast a web of healing or protection around you whilst drumming. The spider can also be sent into any situation to sedate it’s pray and thus allow for a gentle shamanic removal.

Sunray Drum

Allow the energy of the sun to enter your healing. A great tool for working on the solar plexus or any emotional issue

Wolfcub Drum

Allow the energy and power of the wolf to enter your shamanic drum healing. Allow the wolfcub to teach you so that you grow and learn together.

Each drum is priced at £260. The paint will not come off during drumming.

Reiki or Shamanic Drumming

Use shamanic drums to infuse Reiki into the body. They are also excellent for raising energy levels and removing negative energy from the body.

By drumming at a constant pace, it puts the brain into an altered state of consciousness which allows healing to take place on a much deeper level.`Giving us a feel good factor which releases endorphins making us feel as though we are on a high. Drumming groups whereby people drum together rhythmically have found that immune systems improve. Thus providing many health benefits to the user.

Whether a drum is painted or left plain is a matter of personal preference and it doesn’t make any difference to the sound of the drum. Painted drums do appear to be more popular as people find themselves drawn to the artist impressions that resonate with them. Many people like to have their power animals on them or something that can relate to them personally.

Shamanic Drum Trio
Shamanic Drum Trio

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