Shells can teach us patience

What do I have to learn

Sitting here this evening with my ipad in front of me wondering what I should write about. I like to write about something that means something to me personally.  I wanted to continue on the theme of shells but could not decide how to encorproate them.

Topical for me right now is about learning to be patient. I do not make a good patient as I am a total workaholic and am itching to get back into the flow of Spirit Walker again. I had to admit defeat last weekend when I didn’t feel I was up to going to Essex. It was to be the first weekend of nine whereby I would be working with Tony Stockwell and Natalie Walker on Platform Mediumship. I was just not well enough to go. Earlier this week I was offered a place on a drum healing workshop tomorrow and felt that I must be well enough to go. However I have once again had to admit defeat and back out.


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I went into work earlier today only to have both Sam and George (my wonderful team) tell me to go home and get better before even thinking of coming back to work. I had been there just 30 minutes but it was enough to tel me I was not ready to be back at work.

What is patience?

The definition of Patience is a state of endurance under difficult circumstances. This  can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation. It is without acting on annoyance or showing anger in a negative way.

I am not getting annoyed or showing anger, but I am struggling to persevere in the face of a delay. At least in my opinion it is a delay. Other people would say it is a normal rate of recovery. When I was driving to work today on a test run, I felt very shaken and tired. I thought to myself ; if I was working for anyone else, I would probably go back to the doctor. I would explain I am not well enough to work and get a sick note. When you work for yourself it is not quite so simple. At least in my mind it is not, even though I have a terrific team, who are 100% supportive of me.

So why do I need to learn patience, and why will it help me in the long run.

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Whenever I need to know something I turn to my spirit guides and angels. It would appear that Patience is a skill that we should all endeavour to master. It will help us achieve in all that we do.

Reduces Stress Levels

By becoming more patient it will automatically reduce your stress levels. It is about learning that having to wait for things is not always a bad thing. Learning that things don’t always have to be done NOW! That it’s ok to leave a few things until tomorrow and to enjoy today. The more balance we have in our lives the less stressful we become. The less stress we have in our lives the healthier we are able to keep our bodies. When our bodies and minds become stressed, it lowers our immune system allowing our bodies to become dis-eased.

Better at making decisions

When we are stressed and impatient, the decisions we make both in our lives and business / work are made in haste. Therefore we have not taken the time to way up the pros and cons before taking the plunge. Decisions made in haste are often regretted at leisure at a later date. I found this saying below which I feel is very apt and appropriate to include here today.


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” Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way – Futton J Sheen”

Our Relationship with others

The more patient we are with ourselves, the more patient we will become with outhers. This will make us more tollererant of others mistakes as well as our own. This can only benefit us in both our home and work life.

Self Help

Like most things, patience is a state of mind. On a day to day level I am probably a very patient person. It takes a lot for me to lose my patience with someone else. However on a work ‘V’ leisure or relaxation level my balance is weighed down on the work side. Of course this is my choice as I love my work. But my guides keep on telling me to get the work / life balance right and I do struggle with this. I suspect there are many other people out there with the same work / life balance issue as me so maybe this blog post will help those too.

Crystals and shells can help.

Crystals take thousands of years to grow, there is no rush, no hurry involved but their beauty is so worth the wait. Having the right crystals around us can teach us about patience. The crystals I have chosen to help me on this journey are as follows:

  1. White Aragonite
  2. Blue Howlite
  3. White Howlite
  4. Blue Lace Agate
  5. Ocean Jasper

I am going to put these around a Horned Helmet Shell. I chose this one as I remember my mother having one when I was a child. She used to tell me that if I held it up to my ear I would hear the ocean. There is no rushing the ocean. It comes in and goes out in its own time and nothing can hurry it along. I have always found the ocean to be both cleansing and relaxing to sit and watch.


One certain way to relax is to meditate. Have your crystals on your lap and take your shell in both hands. Look deep within the horned helmet shell and visualise yourself going on a journey inside the shell. Allow the shell to show your the secrets of the sea and anything else that it allows your memory to recall.

Following your meditation, either place your crystals inside the shell or around the outside and place on your desk to remind you to take time out away from your desk.

Go for a walk, visit the ocean, spend time with family and friends. Be kind to yourself and others.





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