Getting the Work Life Balance Right

Having a Hobby

Years ago, before I started working on Spirit Walker, like most people I worked in a day job and had a hobby. My hobby was doing Reiki, Psychic Development, Tarot and Crystals. Sound Familier?

Yes I am one of the lucky people that managed to turn my hobby into my life’s work. I did not set out to create somewhere where people come when they want to make a change of direction in their lives. However, it does seem to have formed a pattern. People come into contact with us via the internet, by telephone or by attending workshops. Many of them have reached a crossroads in their lives and are looking to make a change in some way.

Getting the balance right

For me, I now struggle with getting the balance right between leisure and work. My problem is that I don’t really see what I do as work. But I have now meditated with my guides and have come to a bit of a compromise. I am now only going to work at Spirit Walker from Monday to Thursday and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday as down time. There will be some weekends when I have workshops planned that I will still work. But my weekends are going to be time spent with my family in Lilly. (Our Motorhome). I may take my ipad away with me, but tapping on my ipad like I am now, is no hardship and I do find it relaxing.


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Using Crystals and Shells to Relax

To help you relax, take two small amazonite tumblestone and place them over your heart chakra. Take a scollop shaped shell and place it over one of the amazonite crystals. Have the fan part of the shell facing downwards towards your feet. Take a second scollop shaped shell and place it over the second amazonite tumblestone. Have the fan part of the shell facing upwards towards your head.

Visualise the calm relaxing energy of the amazonite being distributed by the shape of the shell both up and down your body. Stay in this simple layout for approx 15 to 20 minutes.


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