Strong Psychic Protection Using Fire Agate

Psychic Protection

Our body is surrounded by an aura or energetic body. The aura has the ability to store both positive and negative energies. Our aim would be to have 100% positive energy surrounding us. We produce a positive energy when we are feeling good about ourselves. On the opposite scale, when we are experiencing a low mood or having negative thought patterns; this can have an adverse effect on our aura.

When people think ungracious thoughts about others, these can be either subconsciously or consciously directed at the other person. These negative thoughts can then be absorbed into the aura causing the recipient to feel quite unwell, dragging the mood down. This is known as psychic attack.


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Using Crystals – Fire Agate

Fire agate can create an impenetrable shield around you stopping a the negative thoughts from harming you. Fire Agate Eggs are a great way of doing this. Place the Fire Agate egg on your sacral chakra which is positioned just above your pubic bone and about 2 inches below your tummy button. Visualise the Fire Agate egg getting larger and larger until it surrounds you completely. Visualise it glowing a bright orange. Carry the egg with you throughout the day and touch it whenever you feel your shield slipping. If you feel you at risk of psychic attack from your work colleagues, keep the Fire Agate egg on your desk. Visualise it expanding out and encompassing both you and your whole work space.

To learn more about Psychic Attack and Psychic Defence look at our Psychic Development Workshop which covers this in more detail.


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