Struggling to Get Back On Track – Weight Watchers

Lost the Momentum

I was doing really well with Weight Watchers for about a month last August and lost almost 1/2 stone. Then something happened at work and I could no longer go to my Tuesday morning meetings. Work took over and then I got sick with the Pneumonia Being at home for almost a month now has not done me any favours. I have now become a chocolate and wine fan again, pringles of any flavour, which are addictive by themselves. Then there is the no exercise. I am generally a swimmer and a dancer but due to the issues in the lungs can now do neither. Add this all up and and what do you have, yes you got it, weight gain. Or should I say that I have now put all the weight I lost in August back on again.

I am sure this must sound familiar to quite a lot of you. Maybe not for the same reasons, but the starting of a diet, then for whatever reason you stop.

Weight Watchers ‘V’ Slimming World

These seem to be the two largest slimming groups around and there appears to be much rivalry between them. Personally I am a weight watcher fan. I reached Gold Memebership in my 20s and kept the weight off for a very long time. However the older you get, the harder it seems to be able to lose the weight. In my twenties and even my thirties, if I put on a bit of weight, I would soon lose it again, but now in my 50s it is not so easy.

My daughter in law on the other hand is a Slimming World fan and last year lost all her excess weight and now looks and feels amazing. She has kept her weight under control and a year on still looks good.

No matter what your preference of diet group, I think the support is a large part of loosing weight.

Finding Your MoJo again

Saturday evening I sat with my ipad looking for somewhere local to go to join a WW class again. I could not go back to the Tuesday one, as I now work on that day. However there was none on a day and time that suited me, so I have decided to do it online, still with weight watchers. I contacted the WW chat line for support and decided to do the no count option (not tried this before and have always counted my points). This means that you can eat anything on their list which is quite extensive and covers most things, but anything extra has to come out of your extra weekly points which are 28.

Not a Good Start

Part of dieting properly is being honest with yourself. Yesterday was day one with the no count and my 28 points for the week for extras.

I started off well. However by lunch time it stared to go downhill.  I had some left over pizza that my husband had made us the night before which was de-licious. This I had saved in the fridge before I decided to start my diet. Even though it was not on my list of no point foods, I decided to still have it and take it off my weekly points. Whoops there was 8 points gone.

The day progressed and I was really good. I had a banana when everyone else tucked into the chocolates and then had a grilled fillet steak and air fry chips for tea – no points. Whoop Whoop.

About an hour before I went to bed, I got a bit peckish and wondered what I could have to eat that was on my list of no points. This is where it really went down hill and I ended up having a scone with butter and jam and a glass of white wine. Now I didn’t really need either as it was not long before bed time, but I had sat there thinking about it for so long and in the end just had to have them. I have just counted up my total extra points and they came to 32. Four points over my weekly count. You can earn fit points by doing excercise, but there is not much chance of that at the moment.

Being honest with yourself and not making excuses.

Many times when this has happened in the past, I would promise myself that I would start again tomorrow. Tell myself that I had to finish off that bottle of wine or it would go to waste. That the scones would be dry by the following day. The list could be endless, but at the end of the day I ate so much more than I actually needed to to live.

Learning Curv

I have not started again.  I have taken on board the amount of excess points eaten and will continue throughout the week. As the week goes on, I will probably eat more points but will be honest about it and chose wisely. A bit of shopping will probably be necessary today so that I have point free foods in the cupboard. Fresh fruits are far healthier than a scone with jam and butter any day of the week.

Crystals that can help

I will dig out my Weight Loss Crystals again. These have been used over the years and can help with losing weight, however you do need to also look at what you are eating. These are a set of twelve crystals listed below. You can also wear some as bracelets, or have the bracelets over a bottle of water so that the energies are absorbed into the water which you then drink throughout the day.

* AMETHYST x 2 : Helps you cut out the addictive cravings and reduces bloating.
* BLUE APATITE : Suppresses Hunger and promotes motivation.
* BLUE LACE AGATE : Helps you say NO to the food when you are not hungry.
* CARNELIAN : Gives you an energy boost between meals.
* CITRINE : Keeps your digestive system functioning properly.
* CLEAR QUARTZ : Helps you make the correct food choices
* GOLDSTONE : Helps you achieve your goals.
* ORANGE CALCITE : Helps with anxiety and stress.
* ROSE QUARTZ : Teaches us to love our bodies.
* SUNSTONE : Helps raise our mood and promotes good health.
* RED TIGERS EYE : Speeds up metabolism to increase weight loss.


I am going to be brutally honest as I have today If you feel that now is the time for you to lose a few extra pounds before Christmas then maybe you would like to join me and comment below on how your journey is going.  If you use the crystals, let us know how they work for you. Be brave, but be honest, especially with yourself.



  1. Thank you for your amazingly honest post. I’m in.
    Whilst I have used Weight Watchers online before I actually want to try a new way of eating, so I’m going to go Paleo. Basically if a caveman could have eaten it then so can I. But I will have to cut out cereals and dairy.
    I will need to do some shopping for the right crystals, but for now I have a tumbled amethyst in my water bottle and a piece of raw magnesite jumped out at me (not quite literally) as I was getting dressed this morning so I have programmed it to help with metabolising my ‘love handles’ and tucked it in my bra!
    I’ll let you know how I get on


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