Be Nice to Yourself Today

Being Nice to Ourselves

Sometimes we forget to be nice to ourselves. We concentrate so much on being nice to everyone else around us and often forget ME. So today do something nice for you. Say something nice to yourself, buy a little something just for you. Spoil yourself for once.

Staying on Track

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have started my diet AGAIN this week. For the most part I have been good. However my lovely husband who cooks our dinner most nights has been piling on the food at night. I have to admit the meals have been lovely and last night I even had two glasses of wine. I am not sure how the scales is going to read on Sunday when I weight in. The main thing is that I have not been too hard on myself. I have thought of this week as a transition week and have told myself how well I am doing during the day. I have also not picked at night after having such a lovely meal so that must be good.


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Using Crystals to help us stay on track and be nice to ourselves.

Orange Calcite is a lovely stone to help us keep on track and it teaches us to remember ourselves. We have just had in some lovely drilled tumble pendants which would do just the trick. They are relatively in expensive and so will not break the bank allowing you to spoil yourself a little today.

Special Offer

If you are starting your Christmas Shopping, then today is a great day to do it. We are giving you £100 off when you spend over £500 online today at


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