Attract money into your life when you need it

Attracting money

The very first thing we need to do is visualize life as we would want it. You have to feel it in your heart so that you put that feeling out there to the universe. The universe has to believe that you believe it so doubting what you are doing will have a negative impact on your desired outcome.

More money

It is no good just asking the universe for more money. If you are walking down the street and you find a 20p piece on the ground, pick it up and put it in your pocket. As far as the universe is concerned, it has done it’s job. It has given you more money.

Asking for the desired amount

It would be far better to calculate exactly how much you need for either every month to cover your outgoings or for a particular expense. Then ask the universe to supply you with that exact amount. Don’t worry about how the universe will do that. But do remember to say that is for the highest good of everyone concerned and that nobody should get hurt in the process.


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Using crystals

There are a large number of crystals that help us to attract more money such as Citrine, Moldavite and one of my favorites is Malachite Howlite. Malachite Howlite is especially good if you have found yourself worrying about money. This is counter productive and just creates more money worries. So keep some Malachite Howlite by your bed and then have some more on your desk or around you in the day time.


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