Colds Flue and Pneumonia – Crystal that can help boost our immune system

Colds, Flu and Pneumonia
I am sat here in my onsie on the sofa feeling proper sorry for myself. I have been so see the doc this morning and have a third lung infection in as many months. The doctor said my lungs sounded like crunching sound when someone walks on fresh snow. Sounds delightful, but I do wish they would go and walk on the snow someplace else other than my lungs. Poo hoo! More antibiotics and more steroids to try and blast it out of my system for good this time. 
Upon talking to others, it has made me reaslize that there is so many bugs around this year and they don’t only attack once but twice and three times. It seems to be County wide as well. We have been playing table tennis with the bugs at Spirit Walker and I don’t think we have had a week since October when one or more of us have been down with these bugs. All this is creating a lot of negative energy around all of us. This then created a circle, because of the negative or low energies, this then allows makes us more susceptible to catching more bugs.

Having a Plan

So we all have a choice. We can continue to feel sorry for ourselves or have a plan to return to fitness, positivity and full health.

My plan consists of firstly looking at what I am grateful for over the past year to begin the positivity. Then clearing any negative energy around me, in the home and and work. Asking for and accepting healing from friends, colleagues, family and spirit. Using crystals to help boost my immune system. Think about and plan a healthy diet including cutting out alcohol as this depletes our immune system. 

I am grateful for:

Having a lovely husband who has stood by me though all our good and not so good times

A lovely motor home which I am planning to use as much as possible this year so watch this space.

My kids and the time spent with all four boys and their families this past year

All my friends both old and new

Team Spirit Walker who has kept Spirit Walker going during my absence. 

My home that keeps me safe and warm

This list could go on and on but I will spare you all any more

Visualization Techniques

Once you know what the problem is, you can use your mind to visualise the solution. This technique is know as psychic surgery. I asked my guides to help with the healing and visualized my lungs and the snow inside. Visualising a heat lamp to melt the snow and visulized suction to draw away the fluid. I then took all the Reiki Balls being sent to me from friends and colleagues to help with my own Reiki to heal the lung area. To protect my lungs from future attack I visualized a sheepskin lined leather jacket which looked a bit like the jackets the police wear to protect themselves from gun shot injury. The sheepskin would keep my lungs warm whilst the outer leather would protect me from future attacks from bugs. You could use visualisation that is similar or something to suit your needs.

Crystals for Immunity

The crystals I will use to boost my immune system are bloodstone, tiger eye, snowflake obsidian and Rutilated Quartz. The crystals I will use for my lungs are Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Larimar. 

By placing the bloodstone, tiger eye and snowflake obsidian in a water bottle and drinking the water you will be getting the energy of these crystals as you drink the water throughout the day. Wear bracelets or pendants of Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Larimar. All three can be worn together as three chipped bracelets, or you can mix and match two bracelets and one pendant. Alternatively you could put all six tumblestones in a little bag and carry them around with you and place under your pillow at night. 

All crystals available from

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