A Crystal Pendant Just Perfect for Fertility or Balancing Female Hormones

Crystals for Fertility and Hormonal Balance

Some crystals are just perfect for wearing at particular times in your life. One such crystal is the lovely Rainbow Moonstone. It is simply one of the most perfect female stones. When we are going through our teenage years it can help balance our chaotic hormones. As we progress through life, there comes a time when our minds naturally turn to motherhood and our fertility. The same pendant can be re-programmed for fertility simply by setting your intent when you put it on. Later on in life our hormones go out of balance again and we can once again re-program the stone to balance our hormones during the menopause. 

Featured below is a lovely Rainbow Moonstone pendant, but you could also wear other jewellery such as bracelets, or carry a small angel in Rainbow Moonstone with you in a small keepsake pouch.

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