Life is Like a Holiday – What happens to us when we die

Life is like a holidayImagine we are all in the spirit world sat in the same room. All your friends, family and acquaintances together in one large common sitting room. One day I stand up and say “I need a holiday”. Even in the physical world when you want to go on holiday, there has to be considerations as to the type of holiday you want; what you want to experience what part of the world you want to go too. It is no different in the spirit world. You consider what you want to experience during your incarnation, where you want to experience it and with whom.
The planning stage

Once you have made your decision on the type of holiday you want the planning begins. In the physical world, you would search online or go into a travel agent to find the perfect holiday for you. You pay your deposit and then plan for some time before the actual holiday comes around. In the spirit world there is still planning that needs to take place. It begins with our soul star seed which resides in our soul star chakra. Our soul star seed connects to the stellar gateway, which is how we connect to the source or divine spirit. The stellar gateway orientates itself upwards, whilst the soul star orientates itself downwards. This creates a pull and allows the earth star chakra to be created. All the remaining chakras form and then conception can take place.

The Journey to your holiday

In the physical you have to arrive at your holiday destination somehow. This may be via a train, car, bike, an airplane or some other mode of transport. In the spiritual world, think of the time between the conception and the birth as the journey between the spirit world and the physical. Sometimes we have a difficult journey to our holiday, losing luggage, missing planes, cancelled travel arrangements and then our holiday does not take place. On times for what ever reason, the pregnancy does not complete and the holiday on earth is cancelled. This does not mean that we never book a holiday again, nor that the holiday on earth does not happen at a later date. You may choose a different desitination for your holiday either in the physical or spiritual sense.

The early part of your holiday

When in the physical world, we find our way around our new holiday destination. The only real thing we can think about is enjoying ourselves. We concern ourselves with having fun and we have no worries over how much time we have left as it seems like forever. If we are visiting a different country, many of us even try to learn the language spoken in that area.

If we link this part of our holiday to our life in the physical. Our early years are about focussing on learning about our envirnoment. We learn to speak or communicate with others. Fun is what we concentrate on. School work or enforced learning can be quite boring for many, we can’t see it’s use or necessity in our early years. We don’t want to think about planning for our future. Pensions are things that we won’t need for many years to come, so why worry about them.

The Middle Part of your Holiday

So we are half way through our holiday. This is where your cup may be half full or half empty. Those with a half full cup will be thinking that they still have the same amount of time left that has just passed. So they will just go back to relaxing and enjoy the remainder of their holiday. For those with a cup half empty will begin to panic. They may start to cram everything into the second half of their holiday so that they don’t miss out on anything. This sort of behaviour can actually take away any remaining pleasure and fun to be had.

In real life, this is where some people experience a mid life crisis. They feel the need to start making changes in their life. They begin thinking about pensions and maybe making dietary changes, joining gyms to regain the figure of youth.

The Latter part of your holiday

As our holiday comes to an end, for many of we start thinking that we only have a few days left. Better start packing, putting the dirty washing in the case. Using up all our small change so we are not left with a large amount of unusable small currency coins. On some holidays you will be ready to come home long before the end if things have not gone to plan. Maybe you made the wrong choice of holiday, maybe it didn’t live up to it’s expectations. Maybe some terrible disaster happened do dampen your holiday mood. But for most of us, we have to just grin and bear it and wait until our flight or journey home date has arrived.

Some holidays are cut short due to illness, or natural disasters. Life is no different and some people don’t reach the latter part of the holiday as life has been cut short and the latter phase does not take place.

In life, as we get to the end of our physical life journey, we begin planning for the end result. Or what many people feel is the end of life. DEATH! Many people feel that they have to put their life in order. Some will plan and pay for their funerals to have the send off that they wish for.

Death is just a rebirth into a different energy form

Personally I don’t like the word death as it seems so final. I prefer to think of the end of this life as a rebirth into a different energy form. Everything is energy. Our bodies are made up of energy, the sofa I sit on is another form of energy. The crystals I work with on a day to day level are energy. All forms of energy vibrates at different levels. When we are reborn into the spirit world, we have a spirit body which will vibrate on a much higher frequency than our physical body. It does not experience pain or emotion as we do, this is why we chose to live this life, to experience all these sensations.

The end of your holiday

When our holiday comes to an end we go through a period of waiting, usually at an airport or cruise terminal, train station etc. Some times the waiting time is minimal and at other times it seems endless. We have our bags packed, all our dirty washing that will need unpacking. We are often eager to see our family and friends again so that we can tell them all about our holiday.
At the end of life we go back home to the spirit world. However we have no dirty washing that will need unpacking. Hooray…. but there will be friends and family waiting for us. Waiting to hear all about our holiday on earth. As our energies change on our way home to the spirit world, we are given a visualisation to help us make the transition. Some of us will get on a plane, some will go through a cruise terminal and get on a big ship. Possibly some will go over a rainbow bridge or walk / float through a tunnel to a bright white light. This journey is to allow us accept the change into a different energy body simpler.
After the holiday

Many of us go straight back to work when we get home from holidays. Some will have allowed a bit of time to get themselves organised, get the washing done etc. If we have been unfortunate to have been unwell on our holidays, we may need to take some time out prior to our return to work. We may even spend time in hospital if we have been seriously ill and then need time to recouperate before getting back into the Swain of day to day life.

Once we arrive in the spirit world, some of us will go straight to work as we create a reality for ourselves which is very similar to what we have created for ourselves in the physical. We may meet up with friends and relatives straight away. If we have been ill at the later part of our lives or had a long and traumatic journey into the spirit world; we may create a hospital situation for ourselves so that we can recover and regain our strength.

The Review

At some point after our holidays we sit down with others and tell them about the great time we had. Possibly we want to explore what went wrong and why. We look at our holiday snaps and reminisce about our the time we spend on our holidays

In the spirit world, we also get a chance to review our holiday or our life. We sit down with others and look back on what we did or did not do. There is nobody there to judge us apart from ourselves. We decide if we were worthy or unworthy. We look at the choices we made during our life and consider how we could have done things differently and also look at the possible outcomes that may have happened.

Getting on with our lives

All to soon we get on with our lives. We go to work, carry on with our recreational pastimes. We get on with the life we have created for ourselves. For our own thoughts create our life’s reality. When someone calls us on the phone, we don’t always have time to speak to them. The time may be inconvenient due to work commitments or for some other personal reason. Usually if we explain this to the other person, you can reschedule a chat when it’s convenient to both of you.

In the spirit world, we also create a life for ourselves of our choosing. We may choose to learn a recreational pastime or chose to develope spiritually by helping others etc. When loved ones who are still in the physical world try to contact you, it may not be convenient at that particular time. You may still be recovering from your transition, and be in a hospital situation. There may be work for you to do or you may be spending time with other ancestors whom you have not seen for such a long time. There may be friendships that need rekindling etc.

Spirit Communication
For the reasons mentioned above, it may not always be possible to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world at a time that you feel is convenient to you. In my experience they often choose the perfect time for them to come back. They will either try to contact you direct or plant the idea in your mind to go to see a particular medium that they have chosen to use to speak through. It is my belief that our loved ones can blend with a particular animal at certain times making it easier to recognise them. Popular animal communicates are butterflies, robbins, ladybirds or other small birds and animals.

What crystals can help us communicate with our loved ones

There are a few crystals that can help spirit communication with loved ones. The Dow Formation Quartz is a good one. The Dow formation quartz has the highest spiritual formation possible with 3 triangles between 3 seven sides facets. Other crystals include candle quartz , spirit quartz or Celestite

Mediumship Courses

If you want to learn how to communicate with loved ones in the spirit world, you should first start by joining a psychic development group or think about attending a psychic development workshop. From here you can go on to explore about mediumship and how it works by attending a mediumship workshop.

Mediumship Readings

If you wish to book a mediumship reading please book via our main website at or Click this link

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