Abalone Shell – Healing Properties, Crystal Magic Meanings


Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and crystal meaning of

Abalone Shell:

Calming ~ Emotional Balance ~ Intuition ~ Psychic Awareness ~ Change

Movement ~ Bonding ~ Cleansing ~ Protection ~ Negativity

Chakra: Crown       Colour: Various

Element: Water       Crystal System: None       Hardness: 6 – 6.5

Traditional Healing Properties

Abalone Shell is a lovely colourful shell with all the colours and cleansing energies of the sea. Considered to bring good luck with it when you position them around your home. It brings a very calming soothing influence with it, helping us to relax and let go of any excess stress and anxiety.  You can use Abelone Shell in conjunction with many other healing modalities such as Reiki or Crystal Healing.

On an intuitive and psychic level, Abelone shell is thought to increase psychic awareness and I’m-remove your intuition. It allows us to express ourselves on a deeper level bringing out our creativity. Negative energies are simply washes away with ease when using within crystal layouts. Keeping one amongst your crystals will also help to keep them clean as the sea energy has a continuous moving vibration.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place a Starfish over an area that you wish to diffuse the energy of a particular crystal into. Add one crystal centrally on top of the starfish. Position one crystal at the end of each tentacle. Set your intent that the starfish will diffuse the energy of the stones out into the body via its tentacles.
  • Large Abalone shells can be placed over your heart chakra when you wish to cleanse your body of anxiety and stress. Visualise the movement of the ocean bringing positive energy into you and washing away your stress.
  • A scollop shaped shell can be placed above your head with a clear quartz stone under it when you want to connect easier to spirit. Ensure you have the scollop with the fan facing upwards away from your head.
  • Place a spiral shaped shell on your solar plexus when you are experiencing any kind of digestive issue. The shell should be placed lengthways down the body to encourage the return of a natural digestive rhythm.
  • Place a Shell in your relationship corner (the furthest right corner of your room when you stand with your back to the door) when you feel you need to cleanse any negative emotions that may have builds up within a relastionship.
  • Wear Abalone shell when you feel you may need an extra bit of good luck.


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