Zincite Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Magic Meanings

 Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and crystal meaning of


Creativity ~ Manifestation ~ Energy Blockages ~ Self Empowerment

Energy  ~ Productivity ~ Self Motivation ~ Chakra Clearance

Chakra: Root          Colour: Various

Element: Fire        Crystal System: Hexagonal.       Hardness: 4

Traditional Healing Properties

Zincite is a very powerful little stone that should only be used in small doses. Overuseage can cause a build up of anger. However it is a little powerhouse when it comes to working on the chakras balancing and harmonising them all at the same time. Energy blockages are cleared swiftly with this stone. When used for manifestations your dreams, it can work on an exceptional level to make your dreams a reality. It is often found in small amounts on a matrix of calcite or another such crystal.

Using Zinicite within fertility layouts can be very productive for any area of your life. Personal Power can be increased when this stone is used or carried. Team creatativity can be enhanced with this stone making it useful for bringing groups of people together.


Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place near your desk if you are working in a creative field
  • Sleep with a small piece of Zincite under your pillow if you want to manifest your dreams
  • Keep A piece about your person and place on your sacral chakra to meditate if you wish to use this stone for Fertility
  • For Chronic Fatigue, place a piece between your feet and visualise the energy coming up through the earth via the stone into you. You can also put three clear quartz points between the stone and your body with the points facing upwards. This will increase the flow directly into the body.
  • Positiion the stone on your chest for bronchitis or put into a bowl of hot steaming water and inhale the vapours from under a towel over your head.
  • For Candida infections, place a stone on top of a starfish so that the tentacles send out the energy into the systemic body.
  • Carry a small stone to help reduce the effects of epilepsy
  • During team meetings place in a central position to bring out the team creativity
  • Hold when meditating to increase your personal power.

NB: This stone should only be used in small doses and should not be used constantly.



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