Zebra Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Magical Crystal Meanings 


Healing Properties and crystal meaning of

Zebra Jasper:

Inner Turmoil   ~  Courage  ~  Motivation   ~   Strength

Nurturing  ~  Calming  ~  Soothing  ~  Relaxing   ~   Problem Solver

Chakra: Root             Colour: Black and White

Element: Wind             Crystal System: Trigonal          Hardness: 7

Traditional Healing Properties

Zebra Jasper is a black and white stone that bring balance to any situation. It can also come in a variety of colours such as pink or green. Optimism comes easily when you have this stone around you. Creativity can be enhanced allowing you to manifest some of your greatest ideas. This stone can bring a good grounding energy and helps to transmute dense energy.

It is a stone of courage allowing you to rise to challenges by motivating your gently. It provides strength during difficult situations. Considered to be a fun stone it is a great stone to have around during celebrations in the home or at a party.

It was worn as amulets in past times as it was considered to be a very protective stone with the ability to deflect negative energies.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place in any room to bring balance
  • Place over the head for 15 mins each day to improve your optimism
  • Keep close to you when you need some creative inspiration
  • Write down your dreams and place it under a nurtural piece of Zebra Jasper
  • Create a crystal water and drink daily to alleviate kidney and bladder infections
  • Place beneath your feet when you need grounding
  • Hold in your left hand for 5 – 10 mins when you need to de-stress or relieve anxiety
  • Place over the heart chakra to help with Arythmias and Tachycardias
  • Place on the food table at a party to ensure it goes well with lots of laughter and fun
  • Leave in the middle of a room over night when there has been a quarrel to help clear the dense energies



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