Spirit Visitations – Why are some more frequent than others


Where and what is familiar

I grew up in Wales and like many people in mid life felt life changing dramatically. My marriage broke up and I moved away to a totally different part of the country on my own. Everything was strange. I had left my family, extended family and close friends. Everything to me was alian. I became very homesick and found myself going home to Wales every weekend just for a burst of home.

Gradually the pull got less. I began to adjust to life in a different place, I began to make new friends but my family and childhood friends remained in Wales. Over the years that followed, I still went home but not as frequently as when I first moved. Eventually my parents passed over to spirit and the pull to go back got less. Althouth I still go back for a vist, my home is now where my children and now family live here in the South of England.

For other people, they make the move and never return, needing a clean break from their old life.

Spirit Visits

It is my belief that it must work the same way when we move over to the spirit world. Some spirits feel a huge pull to come back and visit us frequently as I did when I left Wales. As they adjust to life in the spirit world and begin making a new life for themselves as a different energy, the pull to come back for a visit diminishes.

For other spirits, once they have gone off to the spirit world, they never return, never feeling the need to re-visit their old life, friends and family.

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