Yellow Caclite Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 

Yellow Calcite:

Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of Yellow Calcite

Happiness    ~     Emotional Balance.     ~     Exam Nerves     ~.    Determination     ~.     Motivation

Low Mood    ~    Organisation of  Thoughts.   ~    Digestion    ~.     Concentration      ~.    Emotional Strength

Chakra: Solar Plexus        Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire        Crystal System: Rhomboidal       Hardness: 3

Traditional Healing Properties

Yellow Calcite is a godo stone for meditation. It is said to be a good stone for motivation encouraging us to organize out metal thought patterns. Promoting drive and determination it helps to clear old energy patterns. Calcite is felt to increase your intuition and encocurages astral travel during meditation. A good choice for exam nerves as it helps with memory and concentration. Growth is encrouraged in smaller children and helps to calm those who have hyperactive tendancies. Yellow calcite is a good choice for any kind of emotional or stomach issues and works well on the solar plexus.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Cary or wear into any exam situation to calm nerves and promote memory and concentration
  • Keep in the bedroom of a small child to help healthy growth
  • Hold for 5 – 10 minutes in your left hand when you need to feel motivated and encourage drive and determination.
  • Hold over the heart charka when you feel anxious or feel your stress levels are higher than normal
  • Place over the solar plexus to help with IBS
  • Keep close to calm children with ADHD or hyperactivity
  • Wear around your neck when you need to boost your energy levels or confidence
  • Place under the bed if you suffer with upper back pain
  • Hold against your solar plexus to help heal emotional grief
  • Place a stone in the four corners of a room to clear energy blockages



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