Sharing and Helping Each Other


What Makes Us a Success

There is one simple answer to that – You.

When I started Spirit Walker, I knew I wanted to teach, share, sell crystals and to work as a healer / therapist. Spirit Walker grew from listening to what you, our customers, told us they wanted. When you asked for information about the crystals we gave it too you, when you wanted more courses, we created them, when you wanted a shop so that you could come and view the crystals, it manifested itself. In other words it morphed into what it is today.

What Keeps Us Going When Others Fail

There is one simple answer to that – You

It is your continued support that keeps us going and we continue to need your support to enable us to stay afloat from week to week, month to month and year to year. Even the smallest of orders and sales in our shop help to keep us going, to pay our bills, pay our staff and ourselves. Being in business is not easy in this day and age but somehow we manage it with your help. We have many people coming into the shop complaining that that there are not enough places like ours, that the local ones to them closed down. If you don’t support small independant shops like us, we cannot survive. So if you want to keep us, you have to support us by sharing and caring.

A Year for Caring and Sharing

There should not be any need for jealousy or spitefulness in business. There is enough for everyone and we should all be helping each other in any way that we can. When ever I go away anywhere for a little weekend break or a holiday. I make a beeline for any crystal or new age shops. Even though I have a shop full of lovely crystals back home at Spirit Walker, I will always buy something from them. It will generally be something that I don’t sell or have but sometimes I will buy just a tumblestone. As even the smallest sale when added to the pot helps to make up the daily budget needed to meet our overheads.

How can you help us survive

That is a very simple answer, just keep buying form us, keep coming to our courses and visit us when you can to both soak up our lovely energies and to add to them. Tell everyone about us, spread the word about who and what we are. Unless people know about us, they cannot help us survive. Help us by shaing our posts on facebook, word of mouth and of course by bringing people with you when you visit.

In Return, How Can We Help You

We are alwyas available to answer you questions on crystals, spirituality, psychic development and reiki healing. You can email us, contact us via web chat, telephone us or pay us a visit in person. We frequently have customers ring us to say hello, merry christmas, happy easter or just to chat which is lovely. We are a small group of people who care and we hope this comes over in all that we do and say.

How can we help Each Other

This coming year I would like to see us all helping each other more.

if you have something that you make and are looking for an outlet to sell it, we are open to helping you do this, provided your items compliement our own stock. We will give you a space in our shop free of charge to place your goods or items. You will need to put the prices on them and keep a check of what is in stock etc. We will sell them for you alongside ours and then keep a % of the selling price to cover our costs. At the end of each month we will pay you for any sales that you have made. We just ask that you leave your goods with us for a period of 12 months to allow us to see if they sell. After this time, you can either leave them with us or remove them from sale. Please contact us for more details or if you wish us to consider your items for stockage in our shop on 01844 281239.

We also have some lovely teaching and therapy rooms which we are open to sharing with you. If you are a therapist , a reader or have a course you would like to teach and would like to use our facilities please contact us on 01844 281239. This would work on a % basis. We would be happy to advertise you and take your bookings. You would need to tell us when you would be free to offer your therapy or reading, we take your booking and ring you to confirm. We then take a % of what you charge for the use of the rooms to cover our costs and overheads.



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