Optical Calcite Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 

Optical Calcite / Icelandic Spar:

Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of Optical Calcite / Icelandic Spar

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar:

Learn from Past Mistakes     ~.    Spiritual Development     ~.     Disagreements     ~Manifestation 

Clarity of Mind     ~.    Study Enhancer      ~.   Cleansing.    ~.     Memory

Chakra: Soul Star           Colour: Clear

Element: Water         Crystal System: Rhombohedral.       Hardness: 3

Traditional Healing Properties

 Optical Calcite is a very calming stone making it good for meditation. It is a memory improver and aids with concentration. This makes it a good choice for those in a learning situation such as school, college or those in further education. Retaining information is thought to be made easier when you use this stone making it a good choice os stone to take into exams.  It can clear and activate all the chakras quickly improving the flow of energy throughout the body. It can clear away negative energy and amplify one’s intent, thus making it good for manifestation. It can clear out old energy patterns and increase drive and motivation. It is felt to be helpful for issues relating to bones and joints. It is felt to aid with the absorption of calcium, vitamins and minerals. If you place a piece of optical calcite over any written work, you will see double when looking through it. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place in a room over night to clear stagnant energy. 
  • Meditate with this stone when you feel you have made a mistake, it will help you learn and move on .
  • Keep close following any disagreements to allow the negative energy to disperse and reconciliation will be quicker
  • Use when doing manifestation rituals
  • Keep on a desk when studying to aid with knowledge retention
  • Take into an exam to help with memory recall
  • Use in crystal layouts for Calcium and Vitamin absorption
  • Meditate with this stone setting your intenet that you will clear away old energy patterns to make a fresh start 



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