White Jasper Crystal Meaning

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 

White Jasper:

Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of White Jasper

Metaphysical Healing Properties of White Jasper:

Metaphysical Healing Properties of White Jasper: 

Calming        ~.      Emotional Balance.    ~.    Spiritual Development.    ~     Low Mood ~ Joy

 Sleep ~ Meditation      ~      Laughter.     ~     Grounding     ~.     Hope

Chakra: Crown        Colour:White

Element: Water        Crystal System: Trigonal         Hardness: 7

Traditional Healing Properties

White Jasper is the supreme nurturer which encourages spiritual development and yet is also a good grounding stone. It is felt to be good for bronchitis, cancer, cystitis, stomach upsets and gall stones. Jasper is said to improve your sense of humour and assist with making future plans. It is a good choice for insomnia as it is thought to still the mind from mindless chatter and settle an overactive imagination. This makes it a good choice for meditation. It brings fertility to any situation making it a good business stone. Thought to be a happy stone due to it’s ability to bring joy, happiness and hope to the keeper. It would be a good choice for those who suffer with depression as it is felt to lift the mood.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Keep in your home if you suffer with depression
  • Place in your living room to bring joy, happiness and hope to the home
  • Place above the head whilst meditating
  • Place over the lower abdomen in crystal layouts to treat stomach upsets and digestive issues
  • Place between the feet to use as a grounding stone
  • Keep in the office of a business to bring new hope and fertility
  • Place on the bedside when you have a bout of bronchitis or suffer with insomnia



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