White Magnasite Magical Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 

White Magnasite:

Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of White Magnasite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of White Magnacite: 

Peace      ~.      Calm      ~.     Acidity.     ~      Inner Turmoil.      ~    Life Changes.    ~.     Irritability

Multi Tasking       ~       Temperature Control       ~       Intolerance       ~        Spasms

Chakra: Crown            Colour: White

Element: Storm       Crystal System: Rhombohedral       Hardness: 3 – 4

Traditional Healing Properties

White Magnasite is a stone that actiavates both the crown chakra and the thrid eye. This makes it an excellent choice of stone to develop clairvoyance skills and connect to spirit. Peace and harmony is brought with this stone as it reduces irritability, intolerance, stress and anxiety. It is felt to aid the absorption of calcium in the body helping create strong bones and teeth. A perfect choice for help reducing headaches and migraines. Cholesterol reduction is helped and it is a good choice to use in crystal layouts for the gall bladder, stomach and the digestive system. It is said to help seek out the truth of a matter to bring joy to the holder. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Hold over the 3rd eye to advance your clairvoyance skills or to connect with spirit to gain answers to a problem.
  • Place four or five tumblestones in a room to bring joy, peace and harmony.
  • Speep with a stone under your pillow to help with calcium absorption over night
  • Place four tumblestones around the head when laying down to alleviate headaches or migraines. 
  • Position over the area of the gall bladder in a crystal layout for gall bladder issues or to lower cholesterol. 
  • Position over the lower abdomen in layouts to aid the digestive system. 
  • Hold in your right hand when you need to get to the truth of a matter whilst confronting people
  • Rub up and down the area of cramping or spasms to reduce muscle tension.



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