Amethyst Magical Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 


Learn about Amethyst with its crystal meanings and uses, along with it’s metaphysical and healing properties.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Amethyst: 

Psychic Attack    ~.    Astral Travel     ~.    Psychic Development    ~   Addictive patterns

Over Indulgence    ~.    Protection.    ~    Angelic Connection.    ~    Inner Turmoil

Chakra: Crown     Colours: Purple.       Element: Water

Crystal System: Hexagonal            Hardness: 7

Traditional Healing Properties

Amethyst is one of the Master Healers of all crystals. It is an excellent choice for reducing stress and anxiety due to it’s calming nature. Combat addictions with this stone, calming withdrawel symptoms. Hyperactivity in both children and animals is reduced when using Amethyst. It is a great choice for protecting you during any kind of travel. On a psychic level, it aids with astral travel, helps develop your psychic abilities including mediumship,clairvoyance and clairaudience. An excellent choice for those who suffer frequent headaches or migraines. It provides a good level of protection against negative energies so is the perfect stone to stop psychic attack and offers a high level fo psychic protection. Animals react well to it’s gentle energy. It is felt to be helpful in the treatment of OCD. Folowing periods of over indulgence, this stone can help us get back on track, encouraging us to eat a healthy diet. It is also a good choice to keep nightmares away and encourage a restful sleep

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place six or seven amethyst points around the head in a sunray effect to remove headaches and migraines
  • Place one in each corner of the room with the points facing inwards to bring in a protective energy
  • Turn the points outwards to remove negative energy following any kind of emotional upset or quarells
  • Wear to encourage psychic development.
  • Place on the 3rd eye during meditation to encourage astral travel
  • Keep a stone on your keyring to maintain protection whilst travel. A good place to keep one would be on your car keys
  • Sleep with a stone under your pillow to stop nightmares and aid restful sleep
  • Create a crystal water and drink following periods of over indulgence.
  • Keep in a dogs bead or place a small stone in a tumble cage and place on the dog collar to encrourage rest and relaxation in your hyperactive dog
  • Give a small piece to hyperactive children to reduce the amount of hyperactivity
  • Carry or wear to prevent psychic attack.
  • Drink Amethyst Crystal water and wear to combat any kind of addiction.



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