Smokey Quartz Magical Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 

Smokey Quartz:

Learn about Smokey Quartz and its crystal meanings and uses, along with it’s metaphysical and healing properties.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz: 

Protection.     ~.    Grounding     ~.     Inner Turmoil.     ~      Nightmares ~ Positivity

Prevents Over Spending     ~      Melts Energy Blocks.     ~       Panic Attacks     ~      Optimism

Chakra: Earth Star       Colour: Brown

Element: Fire      Crystal System: Hexagonal       Hardness: 7 

Traditional Healing Properties

Smokey Quartz if one of the best grounding stones available and can also help to ground spiritual information. The stone can be helpful to take with you when you go shopping as it is said to prevent overspending. This is a crystal that absorbs negativity from a room and then transmutes it into positive. It provides a strong protective energy whilst at the same time calms our inner turmoil. This stone promotes optimism and so would be a good choice times when your mood is low. If you feel that you are not moving forward as you would like, Smokey Quartz can clear energy blocks to enable movement in a forward direction to take place. When we meditate, we raise our vibrations to enable communication with spirit to take place. If you find this difficult, Smokey Quartz can draw your spirit guides and loved ones down to you enabling you to experience communication on a lower level. Cosmic ordering can be achieved using smokey quartz as it can help transform your inspired ideas into a physical reality. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Smokey quartz can be used in fertility magic, especially when placing a Smokey Quartz egg in your relationship corner or using them as a set as in our Fertility Enhancing Crystals.
  • To ward off evil spirits during the night – keep a smokey quartz sphere at the side of your bed.
  • Reduce road rage on long stressful car journeys by adding a smokey quartz keyring to your car keys
  • Smokey Quartz is a great stone to have around you during times of spiritual transformation. To help your spiritual growth, place three smokey quartz tumblestones in a pouch and hold during meditations
  • Place a chunk of Smokey Quartz above your head to protect you during astral travel
  • Hold a Smokey Quartz Point in each hand with the points facing downwards to remove any energy blocks.
  • Use a Smokey Quartz Wand to draw a pentagram on your front door to stop negative or evil spirits entering your home.
  • Hold a Smokey Quartz Angel in your left hand to draw your loved ones in spirit close to you 
  • Place one Smokey Quartz Point either side of your head, with the points facing upwards. Lay down in this position for 15 minus to remove inner turmoil and stress.
  • To draw out pain, place a Smokey Quartz Skull with the eye sockets facing the area of pain
  • Wear a Smokey Quartz bracelet to infuse you with positivity, especially if your mood is a bit low.



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