Magical Crystal Meanings of Unakite

Healing Properties and crystal meaning of 


Learn about Unakite with its crystal meanings and uses, along with it’s metaphysical and healing properties.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Unakite: 

Calming.     ~    Anger     ~.     Inner Turmoil     ~.     Electromagnetic Smog    ~.    Clarity.    ~    Self Worh

Past Life Recall.    ~.    Psychic Development.    ~.   Understanding.    ~.    Confidence.    ~.   Conflict

Chakra: Heart      Colour: Green and Pink

Element: Fire Crystal System: Amorphous Hardness: 6 – 7

Traditional Healing Properties

Unakite is a stone of the heart chakra and is an excellent choice for aiding recovery from illness. It brings clarity of mind and promotes focus allowing us to rebirth ourselves at a time of need. Anger is dispersed when holding onto this stone, dispelling the need to seek vengence on a situation. Said to be helpful against electromagnetic smog. As this stone improves confidence, it also enhances our self worth. This is a good choice of stone for grounding following meditation. Unakite allows you to get to the source of a problem highlighting the cause of any blockages. This makes it a very useful stone to use when healing. Panic attacks can be alleviated by using this stone. If you have a situation where you are feeling lost and don’t know where to make a start, then this stone can help to highlight a way forward.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place under your pillow when you are tying to concieve a pregnancy.
  • Keep close to you to aid recovery from illness
  • Hold on your heart chakra to release anger and stop yourself or anyone else seeking vengence
  • Place next to your phone or computer to stop electromagnetic smog
  • Place between your feet when you need to ground quickly following meditation
  • Hold in your hand during meditation when seeking out the source of a problem or blockage
  • Keep in your hand and blow into the stone to reduce panic attacks
  • Use a unakite pendulum when you want to heal or activate the heart chakra
  • Keep on your desk when you need to focus at work
  • Keep close to your heart chakra when you need a boost of self confidence
  • Place behind he left ear to heal any past life issues



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