Spirit Walker Reiki Flame – Distance Reiki Healing

Our staff send our distance Reiki almost every day. If you would like to be included in our distance therapies please follow one of the options below.
Option 1: Tell us your name and we will add you to our distance Reiki diary free of charge. Group Distance Reiki is sent out daily with no cost to yourself.

Option 2: If you want a more personalised service you may wish to take part in our Reiki Flames. You purchase the candle in our shop. We will inscribe your name into the candle after choosing the most appropriate colour, The chosen colour will depend upon which chakra we feel needs the most attention. We also write down why you have requested the Distance Reiki and place it under the canlde. Your candle is then surrounded by the most appropriate crystals. One of our therapists will then light your candle whilst sending distance Reiki for a period of 20 minutes per day. Once your candle has been chosen we will send you a picture along with the information about which crystals that were used. When your candle has burnt out, we will text or email you to let you know that the Distance Reiki has finished, giving you the opportunity to purchase another if you so wish. 

Choose your candle from the drop down list on our website at Spirit Walker Crystals

Small Candle: 3 Hours Burn Time – 9 x 20 minute healing sessions (£3.00)

Medium Candle: 5 Hours Burn Time – 15 x 20 minute healing sessions (£4.50)

Tall Thin Candle: 7 Hours Burn Time – 21 x 20 minute healing sessions (£5.00)

Large Candle: 14 Hours Burn Time – 42 x 20 minute healing sessions (£10.99)

Large Chakra Candle: 100 Hours Burn Time – 300 x 20 minute healing sessions (£21.99)

You will receive a picture of your flame with a record of the crystals used (See Picture Below)

We will also supply you with link to an MP3 allowing you to listen to a guided meditation to help you get the most out of your distance reiki sessions with us.

Please note there is no charge for the healing, only the candle.

Remember to tell us who the Reiki is for. You must have permission from the person concerned to send Reiki to someone other than yourself. Tell us in as much detail as you want why you want the distance Reiki in the order and delivery details within your shopping basket during checkout. 

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