Skype & Facetime Tarot and Medium Readings from 7am – 7pm

I have been offering both Tarot and Medium Readings for over 20 years and have been teaching tarot and mediumship for the past 12 years.

Mediumship readings connect us with our loved ones in spirit whilst the Tarot will give us an overall look at what the future holds for you over the next 6 to 9 months. You can have a combination of both if you wish, but we can discuss this once your booking is made.  I work with a team of spirit guides which help me channel the information for you direct from spirit, the cards are used as one of the tools of my trade only. No cards are used during a mediumship reading as the connection is made directly with spirit.

Skype or Facetime tarot / medium readings can be ordered and paid for online. I will contact you once payment is received to make an appointment time that suits both you and me and to exchange user names etc.

Skype or Facetime readings are strictly by appointment only, I will ring you via facetime or skype at the agreed time.

I record all our readings and you will be sent a link following your appointment so you can download a copy of the recording at no extra charge.

Book Your Reading Now
30 Minute Reading – Skype £45.00 GBP
30 Minute Reading – Facetime £45.00 GBP
60 MInute Reading – Skype £80.00 GBP
60 Minute Reading – Facetime £80.00 GBP
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